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. by tsa and the plan airlines, it's gotten a lot of questioning from various groups, andht attendant unions such -- the tsa plan to let knives on planes, and it has been delayed. this is gotten pushed back after weeks of public backlash from lawmakers. that was supposed to go into effect this week, but not now. we are asking you this morning about immigration reform and whether it should be delayed in the aftermath of the boston bombings. dave is our next caller in wayne, pennsylvania, on the republican line. caller: good morning. , i look at it like this -- i do not know that it needs to be on hold based upon this incident, but i was watching " washington journal" yesterday, on you had michael walden the council of foreign relations. he brought up a good point, that after 2011 -- 2001, there was some scrutiny of muslim nations because that was our concern the time since we -- notoncern about profiling of bombers -- we knew where they had essentially come from. there is a big push to drill down on a lot of the latinos, but i do not really consider them much of the problem. of the ext
. >>> the los angeles times, the tsa has delayed a plan allowing passengers to carry small pocket knives on to planes in a letter to employees yesterday, tsa chief john pistole said he planned to temporarily maintain a ban on knives after meeting with a security panel. >> that's good. >> the policy change was scheduled to take effect on thursday. >> willie, looks like those bayonets we were hoping to bring back -- >> that's a good call. >> we're going to have to ship them fedex. >> you check those, that's all. >>> usa today, the sequester cutbacks may be visible now to the public. hundreds of flight delays yesterday at new york's three major airports caused by a combination of high winds and short staffing due to last month's automatic budget cuts. that led to delays of more than 90 minutes for arriving flights, about 1,500 controllers or 10% of the air traffic controller workforce were required to take an unpaid day off on monday. >>> the "new york times," yesterday new york city officials revealed a proposal to raise the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. the new law would not pro
farther and farther away from 9/11 americans have grown tired of being hassled by the tsa and the security at sporting events and this soft target a marathon underscores the fact that these threats remain very real. >> tom costello in washington for us this morning. >>> bill bratton is the former police commissioner in new york and served in los angeles as well. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know this strikes close to home for you. when you talk about securing an event like the boston march than, open air, outside event with thousands of spectators and runners, what kind of sweep do you think would have taken place prior to this? >> well, there's a multifocus, there's the intelligence analysis that is going on all the time to see if there's any chatter, any discussion on a number of these channels about the event. at the same time there's the physical security component of it, the bomb dogs, the physical barriers that are put up, all the various planning that goes into pulling off an event like this, the crowd control, emergency responders, response if necessary. certainly in yesterd
airline ticket? and if so, why did t.s.a. miss the discrepancies? >> there was a mismatch. the bill will help with this. it requires that passports be electronically readable as opposed to being manually input. it does a good job of getting human error out of the process. even with the misspelling, under our current system, there are redundancies. the system did ping when he was leaving the united states. >> i'm done, but can i make a orrection in my statement? i said yesterday it decade after 9/11 a terrorism case has come to light that me and an individual who overstayed his student visa. i have to to say we just simply don't know. so my statement was incorrect on that appointment. > welcome. i have five questions so i'm going to try to go very fast. >> i will try to answer very fast. >> the first one is on e-verify. it is our understanding that you are planning to develop a pilot e-verify program for agriculture. i asked chuck who is representing the industry if they have heard of this. they had not. when will this begin? who is responsible for that implementation? >> it is under
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)